The Vinyl District review: Visitors

JP Schlegelmilch, Jonathan Goldberger, Jim Black, Visitors (Skirl) The label describes the debut of organist-keyboardist Schlegelmilch, guitarist Goldberger, and drummer Black as a “21st-century take on the organ trio,” but it’s dang far from a remodeling of Brother Jack McDuff or even Larry Young. There are connections to fusion, but aggressively executed and with just as much affiliation with the avant-garde. Goldberger’s playing can suggest Sonny Sharrock, Jeff Parker, and even a little Robert Fripp, but mostly he’s reminiscent of none of ‘em as Schlegelmilch never noodles and Black is both hard-hitting and expansive with nary a showoff move within earshot. Overall, instead of fusion, the gist here is closer to post-rock and heavy prog, so if you’re into Tortoise and Cuneiform Records then step right up. A-