Guitarist Jonathan Goldberger spent most of his youth on the outskirts of the Everglades in Florida. From there he migrated west to the Rockies (where he studied with musical guru Art Lande and played and toured with the cult spacey/bluesy Fat Mama) before finding his way to Brooklyn in 2001. He has worked extensively in both the music and film worlds, including composing and producing the music for the award winning feature films, Trans and The Hawk is Dying. He performs and tours with artists and bands including Red Baraat, Jim Black (John Zorn's Bagatelles...including a performance at the Village Vanguard), and Joe Russo (Hooteroll, etc) among many others. His most recent recordings range from the acoustic collective Surface to Air (Self Titled) and Red Baraat (Sound the People) to the upcoming organ trio release (Visitors - with JP Schlegelmilch and Jim Black).

Jonathan uses D'addario strings & accessories

old and new projects:

surface to air (with jonti siman, rohin khemani) - (2012 - surface to air)

red baraat (2015 - livewire), (2017-bhangra pirates)

jim black guitar quartet (plays john zorn's bagatelles) (with Keisuke Matsuno, Simon Jermyn, Jim Black )

joe russo's hooteroll? + Plus! (with erik deutsch, dave harrington, kevin kendrick, stuart bogie, jordan mclean)

chris lightcap's super bigmouth (with craig taborn, tony malaby, chris cheek, gerald cleaver, dan reiser, curtis hasselbring)

brian drye's bizingas (with ches smith, kirk knufke) - (2010 - bizingas), (2015 - eggs up high)

jeff davis band (with russ johnson, john irobagon, drew gress)

jacob garchik's ye olde (with brandon seabrook, mary halvorson, vinnie sperrazza) 

chris lightcap’s superette (with dan reiser, curtis hasselbring)

brian adler's shankar (with rob jost, matt moran, santiago leibson)

laushaus (with kyle sanna, mathias kunzli, todd sickafoose)

adam hopkins sextet (with devin gray, josh sinton, anna webber, ed rosenberg)

anna webber quartet (jeff davis, michael bates)

scary burton  (with jeff davis, kevin kendrick, dave driewitz)

matt mitchell's sprees 12tet

denver general (with jeff davis, kirk knuffke)

shoko nagai's tAKE’N sHADOW (with todd reynolds, stomu takeishi, jim black)

a big yes and a small no (with kevin kendrick, jonti siman, joe russo, erik deutsch)

todd sickafoose's tiny resisters

jacob wick's hungry cowboy (with briggan krauss, mike pride)

sarah manning's harmonious creature (eyvind kang, rene hart, jerome jennings)

jason mears band (with angie sanchez, kevin farrell, harris eisenstadt)

anais mitchell's hadestown

harris eisenstadt's woodblock prints

josh sinton's holus bolus

nels andrews 

david berkeley

erik deutsch band

adam klipple's organ soul explosion (with keith carlock, chris tarry)

collapse quartet (ty citerman, yoshie fruchtor, eyal moaz)

edison woods

john madof's zion80

ted poor's mt varnum 

josh roseman group

aj roach and the machines of the pleistocene

taylor haskins group

marcelo lupis' love songs for robots 

adam klipple's sneak

tim kuhl's doomsayer

mistaken indemnity (with jim black, todd sickafoose)

put a motor in yourself (jp schlegelmilch, juan pablo carletti) 

andrew dangelo/curtis hasselbring big band

dave treut's clarify

ursa minor

carl testa's static

american babies

sam mickens' ecstatic showband & revue

briggan kraus' hungry ghosts

ryan snow's pull

we will build you (with jason rigby and rich johnson)

jonathan moritz's amalgam

aaron siegel's where from here

debug (with andrew d'angelo, aaron siegel)

fat mama

rodriguez (sugarman!)

ron miles

art lande

claire burson

leni stern